Non venomous Snake In India!!

Indian Rat Snake


The oriental ratsnake or Indian rat snake is a common species of colubrid snake found in India and local named as Dhaman. Dhaman snakes are one of the longest and fast-moving snake in India,frequently found in urban areas where rodents thrive

Common Cat Snake


Indian gamma snake or common cat snake is a species of rear-fanged colubrid endemic to Indian subcontinent. This species is found in the states of Sikkim and Maharashtra, It is a mildly venomous snake just like green Indian Vine snake.

Checkered Keelback


Checkered keelback or Indian water snake is a common species of nonvenomous snake found in India. This snake is found in or near freshwater lakes or rivers and feeds mainly on small fish and water frogs

Indian Rock Python


Indian Rock Python a large nonvenomous python species found in Indian subcontinent,locally called as Ajgar in Hindi. Like all snakes, Indian pythons are strict carnivores and feed on mammals and Occurs in a grasslands,swamps and rocky foothills habitats.

Common Wolf Snake


Common wolf snake is a species of colubrid snake commonly found in Andaman Islands and frequently misidentified with venomous snake Common Krait. The wolf snake is non-venomous snake but human killings can threaten the survival of this animal.

Common Sand Boa


Common Sand Boa or Indian sand boa is a nonvenomous boa species endemic to Indian subcontinent also found in Iran. Red sand boas is called do-muha snake in Hindi because of the resemblance of the tail to its head, found in dry, semi-desert scrub plains and rocky dry foothills.

Banded Racer


The Banded Racer is a species of colubrid snake found in India,the Non-venomous snake of small to medium-sized found in the plains of North Bengal and Kashmir. Banded Racer is one of the 20 species of Non-venomous Indian snakes, Katraj Snake Park of Pune has the maximum number of snakes species in India.

Banded Kukri Snake


The common kukri snake or banded kukri is a species of nonvenomous colubrid found in Indian subcontinent. Colubridae species is the largest snake family, and includes about two-thirds of all living snake species.

Common Trinket Snake


Common Trinket Snake is a nonvenomous constrictor species of colubrid snake native to Asia, found in southern India of Vishakhapatnam. The trinket snake feeds on rodents, other small mammals and lizards.

Black Headed Royal Snake


Black-headed Royal Snake found in deserts and semi deserts of Northern-western India from Kutch to non-Himalayan parts of Jammu. This species is confined in urban settlement of many parts of its range in North India.

Common Bronzeback Tree Snake


Common Bronzeback Snake is a species of tree-snake found in India and prefers the tree tops to life on the ground. This active snake is restless and quick, both on the ground as well as in the trees, commonly found in southern India and the Himalayan foothills.

Dog-faced Water Snake


Dog-faced Water Snake is a species of a colubrid snake found in coastal waters of India,commonly found in mangroves forest of Sunderbans Delta. Roar movie has a scene where Dog Faced Water Snakes are attacking one person in the mangroves forest


Most Common Snakes of Indian-Subcontinent!!

Indian Cobra


The Indian cobra also called as Nag or Naja found in the Indian subcontinent and responsible for causing the most snake bite cases in India. Naja naja is often seen with snake charmers and now protected in India under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act.

Common Krait


The common krait,found in the jungles of the Indian subcontinent and inflicting the most snakebites in India. It has a wide variety of habitats which includes paddy fields and low scrub jungle, as well as inhabited areas even inside houses.

Russell Viper


Russell’s viper also known as Daboia is venomous old world viper found in Asia throughout the Indian subcontinent. Daboia is mostly found in open, grassy or bushy areas,forested plantations and farmland.

Saw-scaled Viper


Saw-scaled Viper is a venomous viper species found especially the Indian subcontinent and smallest member of the Big Four Indian venomous snakes and responsible for causing the most snakebite cases.


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